Garabaghlar Tomb Complex

(XII-XIV) centuries


Garabaghlar Tomb Complex which refer to XII-XIV centuries is one of the grandoise samples of turkish-islamic culture and Oriental architecture built in the territory of Nakhchivan.

The complex is situated in the village of Garabaghlar of Kangarli region and consists of one tomb and twin minarets headarch. It becomes clear from the inscription on the twin minarets headarch that the bulding of the monument was ordered by Jahan Guti khatun. Guti khatun was Hulaku khan’s wife, the ruler of the Elkhanid and she took part in the governing of the state for her wisdom and ability.

Garabaghlar tomb which belongs to tower-shaped tombs of Azerbaijan made from the combination of 12 semicylinder, the diameter is 10, the height is 16m has four headarch. On the head part of the four headarchs the last part of the 16th verse of the surah “El-mumin” was written.

The surface of the tomb is totally decorated with inscriptions having kufi and naskh lettering mentioned geometrical ornament. The architectural features and techniques show that this monument was constructed by the architect Ahmad Ayyub oglu who also built the tomb Barda .

Over time Garabaghlar Tomb Complex exposed demolition was restored according to the Decree signed by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly dated July 4,2016.