Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan

Autonomous Republic on the restoration and investigation of

Garabaghlar Tomb Complex

The territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is rich with material- cultural samples and monuments belonging to our people.

The complex, which is situated in the village of Garabaghlar of Kangarli region, referring to XII-XIV centuries double minarets headarch and a tomb has reached to our period. The Tomb Complex immortalizing the progressive traditions of memorial architectura of Azerbaijan is the continue of Ajami Nakhchivani architectural school for its architectural structure and similar features and the sample of architect Ahmad Nakhchivani.

Tomb Complex shows that Garabaghlar had been one of the developed cultural centres and big cities of Azerbaijan in medival centuries.

Taking into consideration of the restoration and investigation of the world significant Garabaghlar Tomb Complex.

Guiding with the item 22 of the II part of the article 5 of the Constitution of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic I make a decision:

1.The Committee of State Townbuilding and Architectura of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic together with Nakhchivan Department of Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy to provide restoration works with historical basis.

2.Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy to organize research group of "Garabaghlar tomb Complex".