Garabaghlar Tomb Complex was restored


According to the Decree "On the restoration and investigation of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex " by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly dated July 4, 2016, Garabaghlar Tomb Complex, one of the rare samples of turkish- islamic culture, situated in the village of Garabaghlar of Kangarli region was restored with scientific and historical basis. On July 5 Garabaghlar Tomb Complex was made use after the restoration. The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly Vasif Talibov cut the ribbon, the symbol of the openning ceremony.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: The development of culture of every people is connected with its statehood history. The people that has rich statehood history is considered to have rich culture. Our national leader said "There are big states , but they cannot create big monuments. Because besides arcitectural price of them their value for us is that they show the ancientness of Azerbaijan. This shows not only the richness of architectura but also the richness of statehood and its strength ". The Chairman said: "The historical monuments ,palaces and tombs in the territory of the autonomous republic are directly connected with our statehood history. In XII century the Atabeys gave a push to the development of the culture in Nakhchivan as a capital city, especially, to the progress of art of Ajami Nakhchivani, world wide monuments were built. The Garabaghlar Tomb Complex that we gathered the openning ceremony is also the continue of Ajami Nakhchivani , a sample of Ahmad Nakhchivani creativity is cultural wealth and statehood heritage introduced today and future generations.When the monuments are restored and investigated they turned into the subject of the history.We must learn our monuments not only as our cultural heritage, but also as a part of statehood history. Nakhchivan Department of Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy together with the Ministry of Culture must broaden research works in Garabaghlar Tomb Complex, must gather historical materials, new scientific investigations must put forward, the complex must be enriched with exhibits.

It was noted that the Knowledge Fond within the Supreme Assembly must finish the publish of the book "Garabaghlar Tomb Complex", take measures in the direction of recognition of the monument , enlightment works must be fulfilled. When modernity and antiquity are together taken, then architectura develops. The Committee of State Townbuilding and Architectura of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Unity of Architects must keep alive architectural traditions and make connections between modernity and antiquity in construction works. Tourism Department of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic must provide Garabaghlar Tomb Complex with tourist route, excursions of education institutions to the monuments must be organized, the process of spreading information must be implemented through websites and social network. The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly expressed his gratitude to those who participated in the restoration of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex and congratulated the participants on the occasion of the openning ceremony. Natavan Gadimova, the minister of the Ministry of Culture made a speech in the event said that the instructions given by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly in the field of restoration and investigation of historical monuments enable preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage. In the last 22 years about 70 historical and cultural monuments were substantially repaired and restored . More than 1200 monuments of world, republic and local significance were registered . The Decree "On the restoration and investigation of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex " by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly dated July 4, 2016 is the next expression of the great care and esteem to centuries-old historical- cultural heritage. The Chairman of Nakhchivan Department of Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy ,the academician Ismayil Hajiyev made a speech and said that the great attention and care shown to our history , culture and historical- cultural monuments in the row of construction works implemented in the autonomous republic is in the limelight. Over time historical monuments exposed destructions and erosions because of natural forces and after capital repairs returned to our people. One of them is Garabaghlar Tomb Complex. Created according to the suitable Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic research group of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex revealed new facts. The research group acquaired information about the history,manuscriptions, architectural features, ethnography, the origin of the word and etymology, the tomb and around epigraphic, archaeological and historical- architectural monuments, ceramics and new scientific results were acquaired about tomb complex and around territories. Ismayil Hajiyev expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly on behalf of the educated men and intellectuals for the attention and care shown to the thorough investigation and enrichment of our history, the restoration, exploration and promotion of historical and cultural monuments and promised to accelerate their activity in the field of investigation, promotion and study of Nakhchivan history. Arif Azizov, the specialist for the restoration of historical monuments Committee for State Townbuilding and Architectura of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic said: The events carried out in the direction of restoration, investigation and preservation of historical monuments in the Autonomous republic are of great importance. It is my duty to say as a restorer that Nakhchivan monuments have never been cared like today. I have worked in the field of the restoration of monuments in Soviet time. It is obvious that, that time the attitude towards our history and monuments was not heartwarming. In the first years of independence, our monuments exposed the danger of being destroyed. But after national leader returned power for the second time consistent measures were taken in this field. Special attention is paid to the reconstruction of historical monuments in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic today. Nakhchivan history is not only written in books ,but also it is researched, restored, and studied. The fulfilled deeds by the Chairman in this field is a sample of ownership, responsibility and great patriotism. Garabaghlar Tomb Complex was restored according to the advice and instructions of the Chairman. The Chairman had been to the monument a few times, his advice showed the restorers new ways, new directions .If these care and advice weren't we couldn't manage these difficult works. Arif Azizov thanked the Chairman on behalf of the restorers for the historical decision made the restoration of our monuments. The poet- publicist, the chairman of Nakhchivan Press Counsil Rovshan Huseynov made a speech on behalf of educated men and said: Each monument immortalizing our history is our cultural heritage, our morality and identity. The monuments built in this land by our ancestors are given back to our people after restoring centuries- old historical-cultural heritage are delivered to the next generations. Today Nakhchivan is a luminous province where past and modernity develops together. Modern progress of the autonomous republic has turned into the inspiration source of creative people- poets, writers, journalists, architects, painters. To glorify and popularize all these in our works, to create today's history is the main duty in front of us. Then Rovshan Huseynov read the poem "Garabaghlar tomb".

According to the Decree by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for the fruitful activity in the restoration of historical monuments in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic one person was awarded with the badge "For the services to Autonomous Republic Nakhchivan", two persons "For valiant labour". The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly introduced the badges and certifications to their owners and gave presents to the restorers of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex.

Then the chairman of the Supreme Assembly and participants viewed Garabaghlar Tomb Complex. It consists of twin minarets, headarches connecting them, dwelling quarter and a tomb. The edifices including the complex exposed destructions over time. The basis of the complex is comprised of Garabaghlar tomb which is one of the samples of Nahchivan architectural school. Architectural features of the tomb, fulfilled technique of manuscription and other symptoms confirm its being the sample of Nakhchivan architectural school.The tomb, tower- shaped memorial building consists of connection of 12 semicylinder. The diameter is 10 m, the height is 16m at the present time and it has four headarchs. On the top part of each four headarchs the last part of the 16th verse of the surah “El-mumin” was written. During the restoration the historical appearance was saved. In the dwelling quarter of the complex exhibits are displayed. The household things reflecting life style of our people, material- cultural samples revealed during archaeological excavation are exhibited there. Earthenware and copper items reflecting the history, traditions, household, mortar and pestles , also weaving item make a true impression about life style culture of our people. the building history of tendir (oven made of clay in a hole in the earth) is at the same time with the building of the complex, they reflect the main activity traditions, life style of our people for that period.

There are photos of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex before and after restoration, as well as photos of "Garabaghlar tomb" made from oil paint, books reflecting Nakhchivan history, embracing information about Garabaghlar Tomb Complex are displayed in the exposition. The complex is provided with necesssary equipments and facilities. A new road was built to the complex, lightning system was placed in the area, vendures were made up.

"Monuments are not only cultural heritage, but also statehood history of us. If any people are eager to make reliable future, it must keep alive its history, preserve its monuments. Because without immortalizing the history of people it is impossible to provide its future".said the chairman and and gave orders to create its website , to include complex to the set of museums, to perform scientific researches about the monument to prepare monography and books. In the end the Chairman took a memorial photo with the participants of the event.


Press Service of the Supreme Majlis of

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic